Art in Woodstock

Saturday 27/10/12 00:00 - 18/11/12 00:00

Annual visual arts festival

Woodstock plays host to the fifth Art in Woodstock festival. Showcasing work by visiting professional artists and local talent, the ancient market town of Woodstock will be transformed into a celebration of visual arts.

In and around the town a host of unusual venues will open their doors to become showcases throughout the nine-day festival: galleries, halls, museums, restaurants, shops, and even private houses and churches will participate.

In addition to the exhibitions a ‘free expression’ art space will be erected in the town square for visitors to contribute to and create a unique work of art; there will be creative workshops for adults and children, as well as performance art and talks by leading artists, critics and authorities in their field.

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Times: Tues - Sat 10am - 5pm and Sunday 2pm - 5pm