Found, fired and Fabulous

Thursday 03/11/16 10:00 - 27/11/16 16:00

Corinium Museum

Found objects, fired glass and ceramics become unique, colourful and delicate creations in a fabulous exhibition by five local artist.
Marion Mitchell makes textured ,imaginative sculptures and vessels using glazes in a unique and painterly way. Tara Davidson creates beautifully textured ceramics featuring antique lace and plants. Amanda Moriarty's inspiration from urban and rural landscapes utilizes dynamic colour to create unique kiln-fired glass. Hannah Mathison's extraordinary reclaimed metal and wood sculptures transport you to a inspiration and creativity. Gourd and Horse presents playful and functional and handcraftedceramic work including piggy banks for grown-ups yarn bowls for knitting bees and orchid pots for green fingers. All work for Sale