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Bat Walk

Friday 11/05/12 00:00

Stratford Park, Stroud

A guided walk through Stratford Park, Stroud where at least four species of bats have been seen and heard before.

We will listen out for bats with the help of detectors and you will have the chance to ask any bat-related questions: do they all suck blood? Do they all look the same? What sounds do they make? How big are they? What do they hunt? Where do they live? Be prepared to be surprised by these secretive creatures! Please bring a torch. This event is part of Open Museum Night. The Museum In The Park (Stratford Park) will be open until 10pm, so make this a memorable night out. Toilets and refreshments are available at the Museum. Cost: £3/adult £2/child Meeting place: At the front of the Museum In The Park. Booking is recommended as this event will be popular. For details contact Nadine Smykatz-Kloss, Stroud Valleys Project, 01453 753358 or nadine@stroudvalleysproject.org