A World in Fragments the Mosaic Art of Robert Field

Friday 07/09/12 00:00 - 28/10/12 00:00

Corinium Museum

Exhibition by Famous Mosaicist Robert Field A World in Fragments will display the full range of the diverse and wide-rangingthemes Robert Field has undertaken as a mosaicist.
His work is heavily based on he natural world and the patterns and shapes he has abstracted from it, often useing his own photography as a starting point. The work will include several series patterns, close-ups of flowers and seed heads and the problematic use of limiting the material to just one colour. An area of the exhibition will be devoted to re-creations and copies of Roman Mosaics from villas around Britain. The largest of these is a copy of a wonderful Orpheus mosaic. In addition to being a founder member of the British Association for Modern Mosaic (BAMM) he also served for a number of years on the committee of the Association for the Study and Preservation of Roman Mosaics (ASPROM) and is a member of L’Association Internationale pour l’etude de la Mosaïque Antique (AIEMA) whose conferences he has attended at a variety of venues around the world. A successful author, Robert Field has written six books on geometric patterns which have sold almost 90,000 copies world-wide. Entry to the temporary exhibition space is free. Corinium Museum, Park Street, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 2BX Tel: 01285 655611