Nature Detectives at Slimbridge

Tuesday 26/07/11 09:30 - 06/08/11 00:00

Slimbridge Wetland Centre

Slimbridge Wetland Centre will be throwing down a challenge for Nature Detectives of all ages, during the summer holidays.

Channelling the sleuthing tricks of Sherlock Holmes to the modern scientific methods of a CSI investigator, Nature Detectives will be keeping their eyes peeled for clues at Slimbridge Wetland Centre during the summer holidays.

Being launched on Friday 22 July 2011, and running right through until Thursday 1 September 2011, Slimbridge visitors of all ages can become a Nature Detective, putting their skills to the trest to solve a wetland mystery around the grounds.

From investigating what lives in the dipping ponds and building a den opposite Wellyboot Land, to spying waders in the special wader shore exhibit, the special summer holiday activities are all included in the admission price.

Plus there's a chance to handle an amphibian at Toad Hall, watch the otters being fed, and make a Slimbridge scrapbook.  website: