Campden Market

Saturday 13/04/13 10:00 - 17:00

Chipping Campden Town Hall

Campden Market takes place on the second Saturday of each month offering a variety of unique and handcrafted gifts, jewellery, paintings and cosmetics.

Campden Market started three years ago with high ambitions to put the Chipping (market) back into Campden. Now they aim to put the Wool back into this ancient woolmarket town with local wool from Armscote Manor. The wool on sale will be from the Armscote Manor rare breeds flock of Portland and Black Welsh Mountain Sheep.

Alyson Jessop spokesperson for the market said we were surprised how many overseas tourists asked if we sold local wool . It fits in well with our market and several of our stallholders offer knitted goods for sale.

Chairman of Campden market Liz Hodges added that three years ago when CEE Ltd carried out a shopping survey within the Town, high on the list of ‘wants’ was a wool shop. Whilst shop rents would make it almost impossible to run a viable wool shop in the town, we considered the market would be an ideal place to fulfil this requirement. Not only does the sale of such wool help keep a rare breed alive, but Armscote Manor uses these funds to support Shipston Home Nursing.

Campden Market takes place in the Town Hall on the second Saturday of each month from 10am to 5pm (Saturday 13th April 2013) and offers for sale a wide variety of unique and handcrafted presents, photographs, jewellery, cosmetics, paintings and prints . Indeed where else would anyone wish to go to find presents. Quite literally from the kitchen table and the food upon it we have members who supply a vast range of hand crafted goods.