Nature in Art Weekend at Westley Farm

Saturday 08/10/11 09:30 - 09/10/11 16:30

Westley Farm

Immerse yourself in a revitalising unique multi sensory creative experience in nature, with Ruth Liengaard, a Nailsworth based land artist.


Saturday – Two Dimensional Land Art

Create two-dimensional land art pieces, being inspired primarily by our own observation and response to what we see as we explore the richness of the woods and fields of Westley Farm. Also be inspired from old and new traditions including plant mandalas, land artists, and ethnic traditions. Participants will explore the land looking at patterns in nature, gather a natural palate and make temporary work of art as a group as well as smaller individual work. Work can be recorded photographically or by drawing and painting using natural pigments and handmade paper and bark.

Sunday – Three Dimensional Land Art Sculpture

Create three-dimensional temporary land art sculptures. Inspired by traditional folk art, from different parts of the world this course will teach ways of making big structures using willow or hazel then using a "wattle and daub" technique from local clay. Participants will, take part in a group project as well as their own individual piece to take home. Inspiration will come from exploring the stunning grounds of Westley Farm. The land, rich in flora and fauna, animals, birds and plants and the mineral world will provide many sources of inspiration.

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