Stroudwater Canal Restoration

The current restoration of the Cotswold Canals - the Stroudwater Navigation (7 miles/12km) and the Thames & Severn Canal (29 miles/46km) - will see the connection of England`s two greatest rivers; the Thames and the Severn for the first time in over seventy years. The Cotswold Canals shaped the landscape of the Stroud Valleys for nearly 200 years and their renaissance will do this once again. Find out more about the project from The Cotswolds Canals Partnership

The canals and towpaths are a special feature of the Stroud Valleys; walk or cycle any stretch of the towpath between Eastington and Sapperton, a distance of 12 miles, and you will experience peace and quiet away from busy roads. The canal banks have become a linear nature reserve where you will see ducks, moorhen and dragonflies as well as the occasional flash of a kingfisher or an early morning deer. Industrial heritage is also in evidence as you glimpse former Cotswold stone textile mills enroute. Visit the canal now and you will see it whilst restoration is underway. A good place to start is the Canal Visitor Centre at Wallbridge in Stroud or Stroud Tourist Information Centre in the Subscription Rooms. A copy of the Towpath Map is available to purchase.

Join The Cotswold Canals Trust or become a volunteer. The Cotswold Canals Trust is a registered charity restoring the Cotswold Canals. You can get involved in this fantastic restoration project by becoming a member or a volunteer. Canal working parties take place during the week and at most weekends. There are even taster sessions for new volunteers.

Images: © Nick Turner